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Does she have a last name? What ship was she on?

Memory-Alpha doesn't list a secondary name, and it says that there is no production information on which ship she boarded. I'll have to watch the cadet assignment scene again, but I thought she was on the Farragut with Uhura (hence the smile and thumbs up, but I could just be reading that wrong). The argument that Kirk thought she was on the Enterprise because of the apology cut-scene is valid, but I just can't think this late at night.



May. 11th, 2010 10:56 pm
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Okay, so I've been out of touch for a few days. I'll be out of touch for a few more.


Awesome original story concept that I've been working hard to tailor. Characters are shaping up nicely and there's a glimmer of plot now forming. Wish me luck, I'll be reading and responding ... later.


May. 7th, 2010 02:12 am
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I love my cousin:

WARNING! The Internet now automatically scans your brain through your monitor. To block, go to Kitchen Cabinets remove box of Aluminum Foil. Wrap foil around your head, stay calm & breathe through your left nostril. This is a serious problem & has been confirmed by my cousin's girlfriend's neighbor's son's baby's mama and her pet chihuahua. Copy and paste as your status & SAVE YOUR FRIENDS!


May. 4th, 2010 06:33 pm
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Signal Boost via [personal profile] majoline .


Know someone's email? Know their name, address, phone number, family, household income, social networks, latest blogs ....

Because it's just that creepy.

Why does this have to exist? I was under the impression that the white pages had to confirm phone numbers and addresses before printing them in the book (I've had the phone calls from them). Why do they not have send out email confirmation for something this invasive? Is it my responsibility to stop a national company from doing stupid shit with my personal information? When did this happen?! Seriously: Legal right to privacy will sue your ass.

New Friends

May. 2nd, 2010 11:21 am
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Okay, thanks to [personal profile] majoline I found [personal profile] noxie 's friending meme: noxie.dreamwidth.org/101517.html wherein I friended people. Hi new people!


May. 2nd, 2010 09:33 am
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I need a beta. Is there a community somewhere to find one?
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'Cause I like keeping track of everything, this is my comment to [personal profile] leupagus.


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So, I was being all curious about McCoy ... new AU idea in my head.

Beginning "facts" (soft canon/some fanon):
  • George Samuel Kirk runs away from home (AOS)
  • Frank was an abusive step-father (AOS) (OMG, Kirk is classic abuse case, just sayin')
  • Sam works as a research biologist (TOS)
What if Sam dropped off the face of existence? No one could find him? He changes his name, year of birth, and disappears into the foster care system ('cause, you know, it actually works in the future). He's interested in biology, and a doctor adopts him to take over the family clinic. He falls in love, has a kid, gets divorced. As much as Sam might resent Starfleet for his dead father and absent mother, it's all he has left after said divorce. Except, of course, his bones ......

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Some basic facts:
  • TOS: Kirk, 14ish, Tarsus. Crop failure, dictator, eugenics, starvation, yadda.
  • TAS: McCoy's daughter Joanna, age 12, Cerberus. Crop failure, starvation.
Anyone else seeing the possibility with this in the sped-up timeline of the alternate universe? Kirk and McCoy weren't on the Enterprise when Joanna was on Cerberus in TOS. Alternate 'verse? Joanna's only eight. Four years into the mission: How would alternate Kirk, Spock, McCoy deal with McCoy's daughter in a situation that might possibly shape up as Tarsus?

I hate my brain.


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Yes, DW is brand new for me. Whoo-hoo. No, I'm not going to import my LJ. I will eventually work some of my previous stories over to here, but I'm more or less abandoning the LJ completely that it may moulder in the vast existence of cyberspace. Long live data storage!



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